Anorexia and Anhedonia, or Why I Don’t Go to the Movies


 *Flashback: New Media Expo, January 2014:  Scene: Crowded Networking Event, Voodoo Lounge, Rio Hotel Interesting Human: So…have you seen [Insert popular recent movie here]?  Me: [blank stare. awkward silence.]  Interesting Human: Okay…have you seen [insert another popular recent movie here]?  … Continue reading 

UN-Podcast 040: Am I Addicted to Exercise?


Is it possible to be addicted to exercise? Let me start off by saying that exercise is NOT inherently a bad thing. Getting out, moving your body, lifting weights, spinning, biking, running, hiking, Crossfitting, or bending yourself into a yogic … Continue reading 

Why I’m Not a Vegan, Epilogue: Is Paleo the Right Answer?


My Disclaimer  My decision to stop being a vegan was based on a gut feeling–literally and figuratively: the blog post(s) that I’m about to provide you with are simply based on all of the research I’ve done since making the … Continue reading 

Acne, Amenorrhea, and Anxiety: What a MTHFR!*


[source] For those of you playing the home game, you already know that I’ve been seeing a functional medicine doctor, and that we’ve already figured out that I’m dealing with stage 2 adrenal fatigue, a messed up thyroid, and a … Continue reading 

Why I’m Angry, or Everybody Has an Eating Disorder


In case you were wondering, today is International No Diet Day.  Warning: triggers ahead.  I am so angry. I am so angry, and sick to my stomach. I’m sick and tired of ED. I’m sick and tired of disordered eating … Continue reading 

Why Can’t I Stop Binge Eating? (Hint: Check Your Stress Levels)


Hey–FYI, triggers ahead. Read at your own risk.   I’m not a stranger to stress. In fact, if you know me, you know that’s a bit of an understatement. Type-A, overachieving, blah blah blah. You’ve heard it before. You’ve probably lived … Continue reading 

Finding Freedom at Paleo F(X) 2013


Disclaimer: I wrote this post on the airplane home, coming down off of the adrenaline rush of spending some of the best four days of my life with incredible people and after not sleeping for 24 hours straight…I’ll be back … Continue reading 

Miss Skinny Genes on Slender Safari Podcast!

Slender Safari Podcast

Howdy, friends! I’m still coming at you from the other side of sunrise (at least as I write this), but without a Trigger HAPPY Thursday video in hand. I’m in the middle of several big projects–one of which I’ll be … Continue reading 

Phytoestrogens Are Not a Duck: Low Estrogen, Thyroid Disruption, and Amenorrhea


After a few months of missed periods that could only be explained by my diet or else immaculate conception, I went to see an Ob/Gyn. He suggested several blood tests, and the results came back thusly: low estradiol and low … Continue reading 

Sex with ED, or Let Me Be Frank*

Muscular legs in heels

*Just a note for those of you who know my father, no, this has nothing to do with him or the Elektra complex. I’m talking about Eating Disorders, or ED for short, thankyouverymuch.     During my very expensive mistake … Continue reading