UN-podcast 069 & Can You Trust a Woman with a Six Pack to Talk about Body Positivity or Health?

Can You Trust a Woman With a Six Pack to

TL;DR: Go listen to today’s podcast with Melissa A. Fabello! Last week within a period of about 48 hours, I encountered a perfect storm of brain-exploding and conflicting messages about body positivity: Someone posted this message on my Facebook wall, “The … Continue reading 

Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Don’t Prioritize an Event over Your Health

ED thoughts make my brain hurt. (So I try not to think them!)

Dear lord. It’s time for Paleo F(X) and my thighs touch. In the past, this would have been cause for a major break down/panic attack/crash diet/30 day weight loss challenge. Instead…I bought a beautiful dress (on sale–score!) and went out … Continue reading