Where’d My Skinny Genes Go?

Howdy friends, and happy weekend!

Just a quick update: I recently did some technical stuff to my website (I’ll spare you the jargon), but if you are subscribed to get my posts emailed to you, you may not be getting them anymore.

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Getting Healthy…Period.

Shredded Abs, Low Body Fat, No Period

Since I feel like we all know each other so well by now (said the girl who developed a parasocial relationship with the internet), I want to post about a very exciting first–and ladies and gents, I apologize if any … Continue reading 

Reactions to the NuSI launch

I am really excited about NuSI…I think there are obviously going to be some big challenges to making this project work, but there is a lot of promise–and the fact that they’re ACTUALLY taking steps to make changes instead of just sitting around and talking about it and debating but not doing anything…well, that’s a pretty exciting first step.