UNpodcast 067 & Why My Head is Exploding


TL;DR: Go listen to today’s podcast with Jimmy Moore! I have to admit I’ve been struggling with this blog lately. Part of me wants to be in the ancestral health space and talk about the amazing ways we can biohack our … Continue reading 

Is it Fitness, EDNOS, or Anorexia? Differentiating Disordered Behavior


*Trigger warning!*  It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness week, and today’s post comes from a desire to raise a little awareness about what an eating disorder really looks like. You see, we throw a lot of words around: you look anorexic. … Continue reading 

“Little” Has Little To Do with Health


health: helTH/ noun the state of being free from illness or injury. Let’s face it: When someone says “healthy body,” what’ the first image that comes to mind? I guarantee it was something along the lines of this:   [image source] Or this: … Continue reading 

“I’m Feeling Lucky:” The Internet is Broken, So Stop Googling For Health.


Here’s my problem: the more research I do on different nutritional recommendations for diet and lifestyle, the more I am convinced that the internet is broken.  Everyone—myself included—has an idea of what constitutes an ideal diet, fitness plan, or lifestyle, … Continue reading 

Why Reading Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain on the Internet Won’t Help You Avoid Gaining Weight, and Other Thoughts on the Language of Disordered Eating


I just searched Google for the words “holiday weight gain” in the news. In 0.17 seconds, Google returned about 30,400 results. This isn’t just “evergreen content”—I’m talking about stuff that’s being written right now about holiday weight gain. What does this tell … Continue reading