UN-Podcast 064 & When Eating Disorders Become Your “Business”


TL;DR: Go listen to today’s podcast with Jodi Rubin now! I’m not going to pretend that the main reason I got certified as a personal trainer in 2010 wasn’t because of my eating disorder. I “wasn’t” an anorexic at the … Continue reading 

UN-Podcast 040: Am I Addicted to Exercise?


Is it possible to be addicted to exercise? Let me start off by saying that exercise is NOT inherently a bad thing. Getting out, moving your body, lifting weights, spinning, biking, running, hiking, Crossfitting, or bending yourself into a yogic … Continue reading 

‘Twas the Morning of Christmas (A Holiday Poem for the Exercise Addict)


[image source] ‘Twas the Morning of Christmas: A Holiday Poem for the Exercise Addict ’Twas the morning of Christmas, though the children were sleeping,  I was Yelp!-ing like crazy, while silently weeping.  The stockings were filled with presents so dear,  … Continue reading 

Your Body is Not a Calorie Counter (and Other Podcast-y Thoughts)


I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I had to share this with you. Recently, I was on the Rebooted Body podcast, which is hosted by Finding Our Hunger podcast guest Kevin Geary. It was, quite honestly, one … Continue reading 

Fitness Friday: How to Exercise When You’re Injured: HIIT Dip Bar Workout


Well, I’m back on the West Coast, and I realized that it’s been a hella* long time since the last “How to Exercise When You’re Injured” post, SO…time for another exciting workout that you can do, whether you’re injured or … Continue reading