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UNpodcast 096: Emotional Puberty

TL;DR: Go listen to today’s podcast where Ito and I answer YOUR questions:  I’ve stopped bingeing, but my “bigger” body makes me uncomfortable. How do I make peace with it?  (35:30) I know a “paleo style” diet better for me, but how do I eat healthily without... read more

Why I Pole Dance

Last October, I was deep in the heart of my Discovery when I found myself at a burlesque show in the city. Watching women of all body types gleefully and gloriously strip down to g-strings and pasties in a beautiful, sassy, rebellious celebration of their bodies... read more

UNpodcast 093: When is Pain Useful?

TL;DR: Go listen to today’s podcast with Louise Androlia!  My ankle isn’t better. I went to the doctor on Thursday of last week, and while I was finally absolved of my tentative diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, two of my nerves are damaged, I have... read more

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